Patakparti Pihenőház

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Patakparti Pihenőház adatai:
Patakparti Pihenőház
3416   Tard
Rózsa Ferenc út. 75
március 15. - október 31.
rural accommodation 4, rural vacationer, rural accommodation, private accommodation, guest house
2 room
informative prices:
2300-2800 HUF / person without board
Az ár az IFA-t tartalmazza.

Patakparti Pihenőház paraméterei:

Spoken languages: Hungarian, UK, Russian

Room, suite equippment: kitchen, stove, microwave oven, refrigerator, toilette / WC, shower / bath tub, TV, radio, játszótér, játszótér

Local services and opportunities: toilette / WC, shower / bath-tub, kitchen, stove, microwave oven, refrigerator, dinning room, car park, closed car park, covered car park, TV, radio, garden, yard stove, lounge, programm organisation, grill, garden furnitures, home dairy, garden terrace, garden furnitures, playground, playground

Region services and opportunities: grocery, fast food restaurant, car park, horse riding, hunting, fishing, touring, forest/park, beach, spa, swimming-pool, shore, museum, castle, monument, services for children, post office, gas station, pottery, caveman cave, haircut, beauty service, demonstration economy, sanitary service

: Association of Rural and Agrotourism in BAZ county, Association of Rural Tourism