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Hullám Hostel adatai:
Hullám Hostel
8253   Révfülöp
Füredi út 6.
87/463-089, 30/912-2229
Mar 14. - Oct 25.
youth hostel A, vacationer I., hostel A, youth hostel (for groups), hostel, vacationer, youth camp, youth hostel, hostel, tenting place, Hostel
21 room (2 bed)
informative prices:
2100-4500 HUF / person without board
2650-5050 HUF / person with breakfast
3850-6250 HUF / person with half board
5050-7450 HUF / person with full board
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The turn-of-the century building has been newly renovated to create a fresh and unique atmosphere for Hullam Hostel's guests. We have 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-bed dorms and private rooms. Each room has been decorated and painted differently to make a unique environment. Most rooms have their own common shower and bathroom area, where bright tiles make bathing an experience in itself. Our location is very central to the travellers as well. Rev means ferry in Hungarian and it is the crossing point for access to South side towns like Fonyod and Siofok.You can reach Croatia, Slovenia or Italy by direct train from there. Reception open 24/7 whereas the bar closes around 1 am. The garden, ideal for parties, games, cookouts and or for general lazy relaxation. We got a grocery store and vegetable/fruit vendor right on the premises as well as a bike rental area who sort out sight-seeing tours, group activities, occasions and excursions. Internet access and wi-fi capability in the bar, reception and all first-floor rooms.
Hullám Hostel paraméterei:

Spoken languages: Hungarian, UK, German

Room, suite equippment: WIFI

Local services and opportunities: toilette / WC, shower / bath-tub, breakfast, half board, kitchen, stove, refrigerator, washing-machine, car park, closed car park, bus park, bar, sport equipment-to-rent, garden, yard stove, dog/cat can be taken, safe, lounge, breakfast room, grilling, chess, programm organisation, grill, table tennis, bicycle-to-rent, bicycles, private room, look-out tower, internet

Region services and opportunities: grocery, restaurant, cake shop, coffee-house, car park, bus park, horse riding, hunting, shipping, sailing, boating, sport equipments-to-rent, touring, forest/park, beach, shore, services for children, post office, money exchange, gas station, haircut, beauty service, sanitary service

: Széchenyi Pihenő Kártya (SZÉP Kártya), Alliance of Hungarian Youth Hostels