Öko Vendégház

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Öko Vendégház adatai:
Öko Vendégház
3246   Mátraderecske
Nagy Lajos u. 53.
70/294-7088, 23/450-106
all yearben
guest house
price / person:
2500 - 4000 HUF


MÁTRADERECSKE is to be found in Heves county, at the northern feet of the Mátra. The hills, the valleys, the brook, the spa water, the fresh air and the hospitable people will make you relax and enjoy the time spent here.

Accessibility: between Gyöngyös and Eger, after Recsk, on the road 24.

The characteristics, givens and curative power of MÁTRADERECSKE:

  • the eminence air: respiratory organs disease, asthma, allergy
  • spa: mutation of skin or articulation, gynecological complaint's
  • curative drinking water: digestive, stomach, gall complaint's:  csevice=fizzy,  "smelly water"= sulphureous

MOFETTA: - dioxide dry bath treatment

- cardiovascular system-, vascular lesions, diabetes, hypertension, brooklet stricture, ulcer, rheumatism, artrosis, tumours, potency-trouble, frigidity, rehabilitation after surgery, recreation

Our Ö K O pension is located 400 meter from the MOFETTA, on a  crest, corner lot with a beautiful panorama.

We offer 8 rooms with 1-2-3 beds, bathroom, Tv. Quarter with self pension or with dining. Closed yard and parking lot


  • BIO  -  products, home-made fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk products, herbs
  • specialists  (on demand: doctor,  therapeutist, psichologist)
  • recreation-, Wellness- health promotion, therapy methods, commune-, individual programs
  • Complete body cleaner therapy - body detoxication, mental purgation
  • water drinking course: Mátraderecske-csevice, sulphureous water , Bükkszék-salvus. Eger-, Parád-, Egerszalók, Mátraballa
  • Entertainment materials:  cabel Tv, internet, library, periodicals
  • In our garden you can relax,  sun-bath, breath the fresh air,  watch the beautiful montain panorama (Kékes-, Galyatető, Kanázs-vár rom), barbecue.

Hiking possibilities:

  • Spa course:   Mátraderecske,  Bükkszék,  Eger, Egerszalók, Bogács,  Zsóri-bath
  • Mountain tours:  Kékestető,  Galyatető,   Sirok, Bükk,  Lillafüred, Szilvásvárad
  • Ancient-monument -tours:    Sirok - castle, Szentkút,  Körösi-Csoma monument - STUPA,  Parádfürdő - horse riding, museum, Eger-basilika,  castle,  minaret.
  • traditions, folk-art: Eger, Gyöngyös, Parádfürdő,  Parádsasvár, Hollókő, Szirák, Bér
  • wine tours:   Verpelét,  Eger - Szépasszony-valley,  Feldebrő,   Abasár
  • Outings:  cultural and other amusement programs

We await our dear guests with much love and a little gift.

Öko Vendégház paraméterei:

Local services and opportunities: shower / bath-tub, breakfast, half board, full supply, kitchen, stove, microwave oven, refrigerator, washing-machine, dinning room, closed car park, TV, radio, telephone, sauna, solarium, sport equipment-to-rent, garden, yard stove, physically disabled friend, lounge

Region services and opportunities: grocery, restaurant, cake shop, car park, bus park, skiing, horse riding, hunting, fishing, sport equipments-to-rent, touring, beach, spa, shore, solarium, sauna, museum, castle, monument, theater, zoo, services for children, post office, haircut, beauty service, sanitary service