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Szépasszony Valley

Szépasszony-völgy (Szépasszony Valley) counting some 200 cellars at present, has been closely related to the fame of Eger wines over the past centuries. There are a number of legends connected with the name of the valley. According to Bakó Ferenc ethnographer, "Szépasszony" (Beautiful Woman) was one of the goddesses of pre-historic religion, a figure similar to Venus, the goddess of love. Sacrifices were offered to her at this location. Farmers speak of a famously beautiful woman, who used to sell fine Eger wine in one of the cellars. According to others, the valley was named after one of the light-blooded, beautiful ladies of a noble villa. According to the information that can be located in archives, the origin of the name, just like the time when the first cellars were constructed, cannot be established for sure. The cellars have been carved into the several hundred meter thick rolite tufa that can be found in the area surrounding Eger, and that can be formed so perfectly. Another advantage of this material is that wine can be stored in it at the permanent temperature of 10 - 15 oC, during any season of the year. Furthermore, the mosses and noble mould to be found in the cellars establish a unique atmosphere. Their pleasant fragrance helps the mellowing of the wine and the formation of its aroma.  

Eger wines 
The most frequent wines to be tasted in the cellars of Szépassszony Valley:

Egri Olasz Rizling
Dry white wine with a fresh aroma, characteristic acids and sourish after-taste.

Egri Leányka
A somewhat mild, fiery white wine with a rich aroma and an extremely pleasant fragrance resembling grape-flowers. It is traded as a dry, semi-dry, and semi-sweet wine.

Egri Muskotály
Semi-sweet white wine with the fragrance and aroma of fresh muscatel grapes.

Egri Chardonnay
Utilising the possibilities of the grape type, besides the fresh, reductive, fruity wines, recently there are wines fermented and mellowed in barrique barrels.

Egri Kékfrankos
Red wine with a bright red colour and discrete fruit fragrance. In the case of the older wines its fresh acidic character is presented through a fine harmony of aromas.

Egri Cabernet Sauvignon
Dry red wine with a dark ruby colour, intensive fruit fragrance and a long-lasting rich aroma.

Egri Bikavér
Dry red wine with bright ruby colour, a complex fragrance of fruitiness and mellowness, masculine acidity and velvety harmony. According to the regulations on Egri Bikavér, the marriage of at least three grape types licensed in the rules and regulations of the wine-growing community is necessary for the production of this wine.