Thermal Baths

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Thermal Baths
7394   Magyarhertelend
Bokréta u. 1/a
36 (72) 390760
all yearben


Our thermal baths lie in the Mecsek-Hegyhát Holiday Region, an area of Baranya County and Southern Transdanubia, which is the most variegated and richest in natural assets.
Magyarhertelend was made famous by its two thermal springs, which supply 38°C water welling up from a depth of 550 metres and 63°C water rising from 1,062 metres.
The thermal waters have a favourable effect on rheumatic, articular, circulatory and neurological ailments, and one can also take the waters for gum diseases owing to its fluorite content.

The Mathias Guest House and Restaurant is 100 metres from the thermal baths.

With 9 rooms and 20 beds, it welcomes visitors who like to be close to nature and relax.
The guesthouse has nine rooms and twenty beds. Each room has a bathroom and a T.V. set.

There is a private room in the building suitable for twenty people, which offers a venue for
business meetings, family gatherings and organising events.
The grade II restaurant
welcomes visitors with Hungarian cuisine, dishes characteristic of the region, and polite service.


Opening hours: 12:00 – 22:00

Room prices:
20€ per person/night including breakfast
30€ two people/night including breakfast


50€ 2+2 people/night including breakfast
Extra bed – 11€

Children’s discount:
free of charge up to the age of 3
between 3-10 years: 50% discount